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IVPSC rejects Tourist Visa application

Just as I thought, the IVPSC has rejected my Tourist Visa application and accepted my partner's application. They offer no explanation and provide no means of contact other than charging you extra on a CC for a normal STD phone call. Another rip-off as they will not re-emburse the $A 109.00

I have appealed to the India High Commissioner & Consular Dept in Australia, seeking an explanation or reversal as this has now lost me $US6500 in trip costs, but I am not very hopeful as it seems that India is "paying back Australia" because of the earlier 'race riots' against India students.

I think the only other option is through our Member of Parliament, but again time is short....all up we have lost $US 13,000 as my partner is unwilling to go to India by herself.

We are both stressed to the 'eyeballs' at present and physically upset as we can see no solution to this situation.

I don't want to type anymore as I will probably type something which a lot of people will dislike. Sleep on it and see abt the morning. How I regret wanting to see the wildlife & sights of India.

I don't blame the organisers or people just the India Govt & IVPSC.

My question to everyone is "how do you punish a Govt?".......media

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7 weeks to Go

Applying for an India Tourist Visa

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This has been the most difficult part of planning this entire trip. Filling out loads of forms, signing lots of signatures, paying heaps of money and still no guarantee we will get a visa. High chance of lossing our entire cost we have paid out for the trip with Wild World India.

It seems as though the Indian Govt does not want tourists to come to their country. They claim it is to stop terrorism.

So it is merely a matter of waiting and seeing if they can delivery. It has made both of us very sceptical of the entire trip. The people we feel most for is the team at WildWorld India, who have put so much into developing and arranging the trip.

Here's hoping......

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