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Singapore to Delhi

overcast 29 °C

Booked in with Singapore Airlines, but still no free WIFI in Singapore via laptops. Have to use their computers.

Singapore Airlines - great service great flight - left Singapore at 0230 Singapore time. Quick nap then a superb non veg meal of Braised Mutton with Biryani Rice, Paratha, vegs, beer and dessert. Slept the rest of the trip which was only 9 1/2hrs

Arrived in Delhi only to find some other airlines is illegally parked in Singapore's parking bay so a 20min wait on the tarmac, Oh well that's life and the aviation oil business.

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Darwin to Singapore

sunny 28 °C

We have arrived early at Darwin Airport and checked-in only to find out that the free WIFI doesn't work and the tap beer is out of stock (expensive bottles only). So much for our home town & tourism.

Jetstar to Singaporte is OK except for the NT Institute of Sport U18 Soccer team who fails to recognise manners or respect. New rules - no meals, drinks or snacks except by credit card + 2.5%

Singapore again is great - down to T3 basement cafes and stuffed squid and fresh thai spring rolls for only $S 5.00 backed up by fried oysters/egg for $S6.00 - Tiger beer from the nearby supermarket for only $S 4.00 (500ml).

Onwards to our checkin at Singapore Airways to Dehli.

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6 hours to go

Darwin to Singapore to Delhi

semi-overcast 31 °C

Well we are finally packed (I think). The hardest part was the camera and computer gear into the new backpack.

Thankfully we are not flying Qantas from Darwin to Singapore, but have to settle for the subsiduary Jetstar (it is the only flight out).

A couple of hours in Singapore (with the stuffed squid/duck and Tiger beer) in T3 cafeteria before going onto Delhi with Singapore Airlines. Hopefully we will be arriving early morning on 7 Nov in Delhi.

Despite all the hazzles, we are really looking forward to the journey and intend to enjoy it

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Indian Visa Saga

Success at last.....

The mailman has just been and to my surprise - my passport together with a Indian Visa for 6 months.

The pressure and stress has been lifted enormously and we can continue getting ready.

Still no refund for the 1st application from IPVSC, but at the moment the 2nd attempt was worth the $A 109.71....still I'm shown as "unemployed"

So now starts the exercise of getting all our gear together...what to take...what not to take...

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Another Saga in an India Tourist Visa

It's all about money

First thing on a Monday morning after hearing about the the rejection is to call the India High Commission in Canberra - no such luck - no-one will answer the phone and the mechancial answering maching is on.

Next step is the India Passport & Visa Service Centre (IPVSC) - 2 choices - a 1900 number at $A0.99c per minute or an ordinary STD number where you have to give them your credit card number before they talk to you. Cost to me $50.00 was just to get an honest answer as to why they have rejected my Visa application.

Finally they are not happy with my occupation (Security Officer), they reject you - this will also apply to Police, Military, Para Military and Security. They consider these occupations as pro-terrorist. They consider them dishonourable professionals and subject to greater scrutiny - even if you are Australian - maybe it's time to consider reviewing trade deals and sanctions with India - not a chance - Australian Govt (Labor & Liberal) are too 'weak kneed"

So submit another application claiming my employment at 'unemployed' - how humiliating - I just need this Visa to get the India, so I can complete my trip or risk losing $US 13,000. Another $A 109.00 cost without an refund from the previous application - all up it's now costing me $A 218.00 for a tourist visa to India which I am still not assured of getting- surely nothing more than a giant SCAM - the big question is why do we Australians treat Indians coming to Australia wth greater lenicency and less restrictions.

Countless Australians and resident Indians have expressed the view that it's all about the India High Commission and IPVSC making as much money from their services as possible including forcing applicamts to pay 2x

I'm still waiting for re-embursement of my 1st application - but it appears it's not going to happen - IPVSC say it is a non refundable payment if it is not judged suitable or rejected - maybe it's time to refer the IPVSC (or AFS Services Australia Pty Ltd) to the Australian Trade Practices Commission and the Australian Federal Police for unethical business practices and Credit Card and Taxation fraud.

But who's going the listen to me - certainly not the Australian Govt because they have already demonstrate that they will will not support any Australian citizen in trouble or difficult situations even in Australia. At lest the Americans will go in 'hands & feet" to support their nationals in any type of difficult - not Australia......

So lets sit back and wait....maye God and Krishna be kind to me............and give me a simple Tourst Visa to go to India and fulfill my trip obligations and not let me be $US 13000 financial worst off.

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